“Collaborative ways of working are helping deliver a resilient Northern Irish agrifood industry,” according to Chairman George Mullan who was speaking at our recent Annual General Meeting held in Lisburn. The event was attended by our major stakeholder organisations.

The Chairman explained that “Our organisation was founded 22 years ago as a collaboration between farmers, processors, and retailers to deliver audit and certification services to the agrifood industry on a “not for profit” basis. As we address the challenges facing our industry, working together is an increasingly important part of the certification process so that we can continue to provide customers and consumers with the assurances they want as well as meet the evolving legislative requirements on the safety, integrity and the sustainability of our produce. ”

Developments during the year were also outlined, “NIFCC is collaborating with the Livestock and Meat Commission in the development of its sustainability project which has included a R&D project to assess the technology and methodology of the carbon surveys. Our upgrade of the digital LiveQ inspection and certification system across all schemes and the changeover from using laptops to tablets during inspections is a significant investment to assist the process on farm,” reported the Chairman.

On behalf of his fellow directors, the Chairman extended his congratulations to Certification Committee Chairman Liam McNeill on his retirement following 14 years of dedicated service. Changes in the Owners Representatives and Certification Committee were also reported at the AGM.

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